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White Paper: Artificial Intelligence for Food and Health
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Standardizing and Centralizing Datasets for Efficient Training of Agricultural Deep Learning Models
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Who Is Responsible for ‘Responsible AI’?: Navigating Challenges to Build Trust in AI Agriculture and Food System Technology
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Quantifying Causal Path-Specific Importance in Structural Causal Model
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Causal Explanation for Reinforcement Learning: Quantifying State and Temporal Importance
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Safe Human-Robot Collaborative Transportation Via Trust-Driven Role Adaptation
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Modeling and Simulation of Infectious Diseases Microscale Transmission, Decontamination and Macroscale Propagation
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Impact of Sun-view Geometry on Canopy Spectral Reflectance Variability
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DNA-based Surrogates for the Validation of Microbial Inactivation Using Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma and Plasma-activated Water Processing
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Placement and Drone Flight Path Mapping of Agricultural Soil Sensors Using Machine Learning
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Constrained Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Farming: Challenges and Opportunities
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GNSS-Free End-of-Row Detection and Headland Maneuvering for Orchard Navigation Using a Depth Camera
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Accuracy-Privacy Trade-off in Deep Ensemble: A Membership Inference Perspective
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Dietary Intake of Monosaccharides From Foods Is Associated with Characteristics of the Gut Microbiota and Gastrointestinal Inflammation in Healthy US Adults
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Machine-learning and Digital-twins for Rapid Evaluation and Design of Injected Vaccine Immune-system Responses
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Algorithmic Lifestyle Optimization
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An Adaptive Digital Framework for Energy Management of Complex Multi-device Systems
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Vine Water Status Mapping with Multispectral UAV Imagery and Machine Learning
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Spatial–temporal Modeling of Root Zone Soil Moisture Dynamics in a Vineyard Using Machine Learning and Remote Sensing
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Model-Free Online Motion Adaptation for Energy-Efficient Flight of Multicopters
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A Digital-twin and Machine-learning Framework for Precise Heat and Energy Management of Data-centers
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Printed Potentiometric Nitrate Sensors for Use in Soil
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Statistical Analysis of the Long-Term Influence of COVID-19 on Waste Generation-A Case Study of Castellón in Spain
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Effect of Coherent Structures on Particle Transport and Deposition From a Cough
Thacher, Eric,and Simo A Mäkiharju
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Knowledge Integration and Decision Support for Accelerated Discovery of Antibiotic Resistance Genes
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The Development of the Davis Food Glycopedia—A Glycan Encyclopedia of Food
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Non-destructive Plant Biomass Monitoring With High Spatio-Temporal Resolution Via Proximal RGB-D Imagery and End-to-End Deep Learning
Buxbaum, Nicolas,Johann H Lieth,and Mason Earles
DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2022.758818
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Special Report: AI Institute for Next Generation Food Systems (AIFS)
DOI: 10.1016/j.compag.2022.106819
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Diepenbrock, Christine H,Tom Tang,Michael Jines,Frank Technow,Sara Lira,Dean Podlich,Mark Cooper,and Carlos Messina
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Simultaneous Dissection of Grain Carotenoid Levels and Kernel Color in Biparental Maize Populations with Yellow-to-Orange Grain
LaPorte, Mary-Francis,Mishi Vachev,Matthew Fenn,and Christine H Diepenbrock
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Modeling Bioaffinity‐based Targeted Delivery of Antimicrobials to Escherichia Coli Biofilms Using Yeast Microparticles. Part II: Parameter Evaluation and Validation
Yi, Jiyoon,Kang Huang,and Nitin Nitin
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Modeling Bioaffinity-based Targeted Delivery of Antimicrobials to Escherichia Coli Biofilms Using Yeast Microparticles. Part I: Model Development and Numerical Simulation
Yi, Jiyoon,Kang Huang,and Nitin Nitin
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Distributed Estimation with Multiple Samples Per User: Sharp Rates and Phase Transition
Acharya, Jayadev,Clement Canonne,Yuhan Liu,Ziteng Sun,and Himanshu Tyagi
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MegaLMM: Mega-scale Linear Mixed Models for Genomic Predictions with Thousands of Traits
Runcie, Daniel,Jiayi Qu,Hao Cheng,and Lorin Crawford
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CTS2: Time Series Smoothing with Constrained Reinforcement Learning
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Machine Learning Analysis of Phage Oxidation for Rapid Verification of Wash Water Sanitation
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Sullivan, Genevieve,Claire Zoellner,Martin Wiedmann,and Renata Ivanek
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Enlisting 3D Crop Models and GANs for More Data Efficient and Generalizable Fruit Detection
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A Digital-Twin and Machine-Learning Framework for Ventilation System Optimization for Capturing Infectious Disease Respiratory Emissions
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Estimation of Fractional Photosynthetically Active Radiation From a Canopy 3D Model; Case Study: Almond Yield Prediction
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Policy Learning with Constraints in Model-free Reinforcement Learning: A Survey
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A Digital-twin and Machine-learning Framework for the Design of Multiobjective Agrophotovoltaic Solar Farms
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Nationwide Genomic Atlas of Soil-dwelling Listeria Reveals Effects of Selection and Population Ecology on Pangenome Evolution
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Resource Allocation Method for Network Slicing Using Constrained Reinforcement Learning
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Methane and Fatty Acid Metabolism Pathways Are Predictive of Low-FODMAP Diet Efficacy for Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Eetemadi, Ameen,and Ilias Tagkopoulos
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Deep Learning for Feature-Level Data Fusion: Higher Resolution Reconstruction of Historical Landsat Archive
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Preliminary Techno-Economic Assessment of Animal Cell-Based Meat
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Using Word Embeddings to Learn a Better Food Ontology
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Robust Optimization Approach to Process Flexibility Designs with Contribution Margin Differentials
Wang, Shixin,Xuan Wang,and Jiawei Zhang
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Complex Interactions Between Weather, and Microbial and Physicochemical Water Quality Impact the Likelihood of Detecting Foodborne Pathogens in Agricultural Water
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Landscape, Water Quality, and Weather Factors Associated With an Increased Likelihood of Foodborne Pathogen Contamination of New York Streams Used to Source Water for Produce Production
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A Review of Flexible Processes and Operations
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Crop Yield Prediction Using Deep Neural Networks
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An Identification of Crop Disease Using Image Segmentation
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Communication-Efficient Learning of Deep Networks From Decentralized Data
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Handling Uncertainty in Agricultural Supply Chain Management: A State of the Art
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Toward Agent-based Models for Pre-harvest Food Safety
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Validation of a Previously Developed Geospatial Model That Predicts the Prevalence of Listeria Monocytogenes in New York State Produce Fields
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Toward Resilient Food Systems Through Increased Agricultural Diversity and Local Sourcing in the Carolinas
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