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A quality-controlled food knowledge graph constructed from scientific literature with large language models.

FoodAtlas is an expanding knowledge graph that aims to capture comprehensive relationships between foods and other entities, including chemicals and diseases. Utilizing powerful large language models, FoodAtlas can parse millions of scientific articles to efficiently extract relationships pertaining to foods, while simultaneously assigning quality scores to each relationship based on the source’s trustworthiness.

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Project Team

Ilias Tagkopoulos



Jason Youn
Fangzhou Li
Gabriel Simmons

Graduate Students

Ammar Ziadeh
Lukas Maximilian Masopust


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AgML - a centralized framework for agricultural machine learning.

AgML is a centralized framework for agricultural machine learning. AgML provides access to public agricultural datasets for common agricultural deep learning tasks, with standard benchmarks and pre-trained models, as well the ability to generate synthetic data and annotations.

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Project Team

Mason Earles